The last creative thought

It’s as if the job market is where creativity goes to die. I don’t say that just because I am a designer but I have heard my friends from other disciplines complain of the same thing. My favorite Youtubers are taking brakes from the platform because they feel they can’t create authentically once sponsorships start. Even musicians never sound the same after their first album.

What about the work place/mainstream kills our creativity: Is it the money, the deadlines, a client oriented deliverable?

The year I left architectural school seems to be the last time I had a genuine creative thought. Take into account that I did a post graduate masters degree so at least I had an extended period for creative thinking than my colleagues who stopped at undergrad.

I remember getting excited about trees with Tino and Aby, or having endless debates with Roba about wooden joinery. When I first used highlighters to render my 3ds after my husband, then prospect, used them in an image he did on a journal he gifted me. Inspiration could come from anywhere that time, and we could immediately implement it without anyone questioning us.

We once built a mini car race track for a technology student open day event. We just used people’s old models as the buildings and built a landscape around it. We even had miniature police men who we named “Okello” and “Mbabazi”. Cano even took the time to buy the toy cars .While others where showing off their useful inventions and the first car to the president of Uganda, we had our remotes racing each other on the other side with a crowd around us. Not giving a damn.

When I did my masters program, I had no pressure to present a project that was perfect in its completion, it was always about the thought process. The why?

Why did you choose to use this medium, why that project, why those users. The why would keep my head spinning in this never ending train of possibilities.

Then you have to wake up because the boss doesn’t care about the why but When will it be done. The client cares about How much will it cost and the engineer throws the whole design away that it won’t stand structurally.

And with time trees don’t matter, nails can be used to join the wood and if the client didn’t see it “in the abroad” then it’s not considered.

I want to think creatively again, if not for anyone else then just for me. I’ll pin up the drawings in a room in my house, sit down with a glass of dry red and be ok. Maybe I’ll even make a model (Arc joke).

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