Lynda_Mutesi_IMG_7994Lynda Mutesi Rwanyayrare is a graduate architect passionate about innovative design that is responsive to the environment in which it sits. She received her Bachelor of Architecture from Makerere University Kampala in Uganda and worked for more than 3 years at Nafasi Elegans Limited, an architectural, interior design and urban planning company in Kmapala city (it has since rebranded to Regenesys). It is here that she gained experience on a wide range of projects and collaborated with other professionals on built projects.


She went ahead to receive a Master of Arts in Sustainable Architectural Production at Umea University in Sweden. It was at this time that her passion for sustainable architecture was empowered with knowledge and she run her thesis project back home in Uganda to research on the role of architecture in the agricultural sector, where majority of her statesmen worked. She has since worked on other projects with a new focus of designing environmentally responsible structures in East Africa.



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